Alumnae Experience

    Being in a sorority isn’t just four years, although the four years do bring many friendships, new perspectives, influential conversations, and fond memories. Once those four years end, the friendships remain life-long, the perspectives gained shape a path in life, the influential conversations linger, and fond memories remain as things never to be forgotten. But these are only a few reasons why becoming an alumni - especially of the Lambda chapter - is just as rewarding as the four years spent in the sorority.

    Becoming an alumni gives graduated women access to a vast network of women - young and old - with a shared identity, shared values, and shared experiences. Whether this network is for job connections, senior advice, or even just to find friends in a new town, being connected to hundreds of women who are your sisters is an invaluable privilege to have access to.

    Beyond that, being an alumni is FUN! Sigma Kappa Lambda Chapter holds 3 events each year - the Alumni tea, the SKary halloween party, and the Founder’s Day brunch, all of which give alumni the opportunity to mingle with actives, get back together with old friends, reminisce about their times in college, and make new connections at the same time. It’s always a blast for actives to hear stories from Alums - we often aspire to have as much fun as they all had in their day.

    The Alumni tea is often held in the spring and includes a brunch full of chatter and storytelling that is held specifically to host Alums. The SKary halloween party is hosted in late October and even includes the option to bring children and other family members to the event decked out in costume for food and games. Finally, the Founder’s Day brunch is yet another brunch service in early November, held in honor of celebrating the Founders’ of our sorority. Alumnae are invited to celebrate the Founders along with actives.

    Beyond the events held for alums at the Lambda chapter, alumnae facebook groups are utilized to get alums together in different contexts - whether it’s heading to San Francisco for the day to participate in the Alzheimer’s walk, or hitting the city on a Friday night for some girl time.

    Becoming an alum is an enriching experience and goes to show that being a part of a sorority is truly not just for four years, but for life.